For a lot of us, our garage is far more than just a place to park out vehicles. Whether it’s a dumping ground for everything elst that doesn’t really have it’s own space, or a full on workshop once the cars are pulled out, a few tips about making the most of the space you have is always helpful.

Discount Garage Door Company sees a lot of garages in Tucson, and hears a lot of questions and suggestions about ways to maximize this extra room.

Allen Lyle of Today’s Homeowner offers a few suggestions:

  • Construct racks or shelves to store items in plastic containers.
  • Add overhead storage racks for heavier items and nets for light objects.
  • Hang garden tools on wall mounted rocks.
  • Purchase space saving lawn equipment, such as the foldable Toro SmartStow lawn mower.   Credits: Garage Space Saving Storage Solutions

At the same time though, if you’re not careful, your garage can easily turn into something you definitely would NOT want near your house… a toxic waste dump!

All too often people aren’t sure what to do with excess paints, oils, varnishes or any number of other chemicals.  Often the easiest things to do is to “just put it in the garage and deal with it later.”  Sound familiar?  (I know I’ve been guilty of this myself).

Here are some more garage safety tips to keep in mind:

Garage Safety Tips:

  • Storing Dangerous Chemicals: Keep gasoline, paint thinner, pesticides, fertilizer, and any other potentially harmful chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Storing Flammable Liquids: Keep flammable liquids, such as gasoline and paint thinner, in approved labeled containers and away from ignition sources, such as hot water heaters. Make sure the garage is properly ventilated, and have a Class B/C fire extinguisher mounted where it’s easily accessible.  See a video covering this and more here…

But getting rid of all that stuff is one of those jobs that almost no one is eager to tackle… Cleaning out the garage.  Ugh!  Yuck.

Fortunately, Tali Wee of Zillow has some tips to help you with this less than exciting chore.

Part of being a responsible homeowner is making the necessary improvements to keep the property safe. Organizing and cleaning out cluttered garages tend to be one improvement that homeowners delay to correct.

The thought of sorting through the boxes and piles can be overwhelming. But a cleaned garage brings satisfaction each time the homeowner pulls out a bike, locates a tool or accesses the water toys. The cleaned spaces also offer homeowners peace of mind knowing their garages aren’t havens for vermin, fire hazards, impassible escape routes or black holes for stored goods.  Read more here on: How to clean out a Garage

In fact, you can even see the results of what can happen when you set your mind to it in this video by The HandyGuys:

Trust us… as someone that sees the inside of a LOT of what’s behind garage doors in Tucson, taking the time to clean it up and organize it will most definitely be worth your time and effort.

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